Building the future of human rights: the second wave of the global campaign "10, 100, 1000 Human Rights Cities and Territories by 2030" has been launched!

The Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights  of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG-CISDPDH) is pleased to announce the launch of the second wave of the global campaign "10, 100, 1000 Human Rights Cities and Territories by 2030." Following the great success of the first wave launched in 2022 by the political representatives of six Cities of the Committee (Barcelona, Grigny, Gwangju, Mexico, Utrecht and Vienna), we are launching the second wave of this ambitious initiative. The campaign aims to mobilize local and regional governments worldwide to build societies that respect human rights, equality and dignity for all.

The challenge: human rights for all by 2030

A big challenge lies at the core of the campaign: ensuring that 10 cities, then 100, and finally 1000 cities and territories commit to promoting and protecting human rights at local level. These rights, enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, aim at transforming the world towards greater social justice and human dignity. They have become essential to build a world where every individual can live freely, without discrimination, and with the opportunity to realize his/her full potential.

The 21st century has been defined as the "century of cities" due to the rapid growth of urbanization across the globe. Local governments have become the political actors who can turn the universal commitment to human rights into reality for people, thanks to the public services and local initiatives that they develop in favor of inhabitants, their rights, their needs, their dreams and aspirations.

By rallying cities, municipalities, regions and territories of all sizes around the world, this campaign aims to create a global space for work and exchange for local and regional governments committed to the protection and realization of human rights for all.

The first wave: an inspiring result

The first phase of the campaign was a resounding success, with hundreds of cities and territories joining it in less than 6 months. The participants of the campaign were able to showcase their concrete actions and measures to fight inequalities and discrimination, towards a sustainable and peaceful world.

In 2023, in the framework of the activities organized by the CSIPDHR and UCLG, the cities and territories of the campaign have  promoted their vision as human rights territories in several international events. The City of Grenoble organized the OIDP Conference on participatory democracy; the Region of Valparaíso and the City of Grigny took part in the UN Water Conference to exchange and defend the right to water; while  the Cities of Iztapalapa and Quilmes, and the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis took part in the Bogotá Forum of Cities and Territories for Peace to advocate against violence against women. Moreover, the City of Barcelona addressed the pressing issue of right to housing during the International Festival for Social Housing; while Gwangju promoted initiatives related to  culture of peace , memory and inequalities through the World Forum of Cities for Human Rights (WHRCF).  

Lastly, a Steering Board was set up with around 15 cities of the campaign and international experts for the update process of the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City, a reference document adopted by UCLG in 2012. 

From Asia to Africa, from Europe to the Americas, each adhesion to the campaign was a significant step towards a fairer and more just world. By articulating different local initiatives, the campaign has made visible the impact of human rights cities through international cooperation. The momentum created by this first step has pushed us to go even further, and multiply our forces to bring together more cities and territories committed to build a more sustainable future.

The second wave: Join the call of human rights cities to defend human dignity for all!

Through this second wave of the "10, 100, 1000 Human Rights Cities and Territories for 2030" campaign, we are inviting all local and regional governments, regardless of their size or geographical location, to join the global campaign. 

By joining this campaign, you will:

- Share your initiatives to protect human rights at a global level;

- Work in collaboration with other cities and territories to exchange best practices and foster capacity-building in human rights;

- Participate in events of international advocacy organized by the CSIPDHR and UCLG to scale-up the impact of local actions; 

- Reflect with us on the future of the “Human Rights Cities” movement and work for positive change at local, regional and international levels.

Another world is possible, and it starts in cities!

Join us in this transformative initiative: by joining forces, we can achieve significant and lasting change. Every city, every territory, and every action counts. Together, we can create a world where human rights are respected, protected and promoted for all, without exception.

This is particularly relevant this year, as 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In this context, UCLG and the High Commissioner for Human Rights have launched a joint initiative to invite all local and regional governments to celebrate human rights during the entire year, and especially on World Human Rights Day on December 10 through public readings, races for human rights, or candlelight marches. Find out more here.

To join the "10, 100, 1000 Human Rights Cities and Territories for 2030" campaign, download and fill the form HERE by 15 November. 

You will find here the detailed presentation and the invitation letter signed by the first cities of the campaign.

Join the second wave now!


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