Fostering the implementation of the Cities for Adequate Housing Declaration and welcoming new contributions to the document by local governments from all the world regions.

The Cities for Adequate Housing Declaration (2018) represents an unprecedented call to action by local governments worldwide to address the growing impacts of financialization over local housing systems.

It proposes a common agenda for advocacy, claiming more powers to be devolved to cities so they can regulate the real estate market and promote sound housing policies. It also provides a framework for local governments to trigger policy innovation, including support to community-driven initiatives on housing and renewed approaches to urban planning. Ultimately, it lays the foundations for strenghtened solidarity and cooperation among cities on housing.

Local governments within the CSIPDHR played a key role in leading the way towards the Declaration (Wave of Action on Housing) and led UCLG discussions on housing ever since 2018.

Cities for Housing

Fostering UCLG discussions on housing and expanding its related agenda, organizing policy debates and learning events bringing together local leaders, practitioners, human rights defenders and experts.

The CSIPDHR has facilitated the consultation mechanism created in 2018 to drive the housing conversation forward within UCLG: the UCLG Community of Practice on Housing.

Over time, the Committee has co-organized various regional meetings of the UCLG Community of Practice on Housing - including local government meetings in Latin America, Europe and the Asia Pacific Region.

These meetings have also focused on addressing sectoral issues such as the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis over local housing systems or discrimination in access to housing.

WHRCF housing

Showcasing local governments’ role in protecting the right to housing, building action-oriented alliances with global stakeholders and the UN human rights system.

The UCLG-CSIPDHR offers a meeting point for local governments and local stakeholders to participate in global discussions around the right to housing - especially at the UN level.

The participation of UCLG in The Shift campaign led by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing Leilani Farha allowed to challenge mainstream views on housing as a commodity. This initiative took place mainly from 2016 to 2020. The Shift played a key role in favouring UCLG's adoption of the Cities for Adequate Housing Declaration (2018).

The UN Human Rights system and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing mandate remain a key partner of the right to housing agenda led by local governments within the CSIPDHR and the UCLG.

Leilani Farha

Promoting local government engagement and joint action with civil society practices on housing, including community-led housing and cooperative housing.

The Cities for Adequate Housing Declaration emphasis on community-led housing established new cooperation spaces with civil society-led initiatives on the right to housing, including:

  • The CoHabitat Network
  • The Social Production of Habitat Platform
  • The Global Platform for the Right to the City

At present, this cooperation contributes to reinforces the impacts of local government campaigning and policy initiatives, while promoting emerging approaches and practices from the bottom-up.