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Final provision

Legal Significance of the Charter and Mechanisms for its Application

1. When this Charter is approved, it will remain open for the individual signature of all those cities which want to endorse its aims.

2. The signatory cities will incorporate into their local ordinances the principles, regulations and guarantee mechanisms laid down in this Charter and refer to them expressly in justification of their official activities.

3. The signatory cities recognize the irrefutable legality of the rights stated in the Charter and undertake to reject and terminate all legal transactions, particularly municipal contracts, the consequences of which would militate against the implementation of those rights. They resolve to act in such a way that all other legal entities will also recognize the legal significance of these rights.

4. The signatory cities undertake to set up a commission which every two years is called upon to evaluate the implementation of the rights laid down in this Charter and publish their findings.

5. The network of European Conference Cities for Human Rights, established by the signatory cities, will decide on an appropriate follow-up mechanism to monitor regularly that the Charter is being properly implemented by those signatory cities.