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Final Provisions

Adoption and enforcement mechanism of the Charter-Agenda

• The Charter-Agenda shall become effective in each city after it goes through a consultation process that allows the inhabitants of the city to discuss it and adapt the terms of implementation of the action plan to local conditions and to the national legal framework and upon its acceptance by the city council. The same mechanism shall apply for any review of the local Charter-Agenda.

• The adopted Charter-Agenda will be seen locally at the highest normative level.

Mechanisms of application

• The City elaborates specific indicators for the fulfillment of each of the rights as well as action plans as established in the Local Charter-Agenda.

• The City sets up the various bodies (expert groups, local observatories, independent commission on human rights or joint committee of elected representatives/civil society) necessary to ensure implementation, follow-up and evaluation of the Charter-Agenda at the local level. It may also introduce a complaint or mediation procedure.

• The City establishes a public consultation process to evaluate the implementation and effects of the Charter-Agenda on a regular basis.

• The City establishes multi-level cooperation with other competent instances (local, regional, national) in order to ensure the right to the city.

Role of the city in the international promotion of human rights

• The City is committed to promoting transnational local cooperation, in a general manner and in the implementation of this Charter-Agenda and to encouraging respect for human rights worldwide.

• The City endeavors to actively collaborate, within its powers, in the implementation of international mechanisms for the protection of human rights.