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Freedom of conscience and religion, opinion and information

1. a) All city inhabitants have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion: this right includes freedom to change their religion or belief, and freedom – either alone or with others and in public or private – to manifest their religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. 

b) All city inhabitants have the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and deliver information and ideas through any media.
These rights may be subject only to such limitations that are necessary for the protection of public safety, order, health or morals, or for the protection of others’ rights and freedoms, in the framework of national legislation.
2. The city ensures that its inhabitants have the freedom to manifest their religion or beliefs, including the right of parents to choose the type of schooling for their children. 
The city ensures that everyone is able to hold opinions without interference, as well as to seek and receive information and ideas through any media, in private and in public. 
The city undertakes to give its inhabitants free access to all existing sources of information and to facilitate the creation and the development of new free and pluralist sources of information. 
The city encourages the creation and the development of free and pluralist media and information bodies, freely accessible to all inhabitants, without discrimination.
The city facilitates fact-finding for all journalists without discrimination and ensures that they have free access to the widest range of information, particularly concerning the city administration.
The city encourages debates and exchange of ideas and information. It ensures that all inhabitants have free access to public meeting places and facilitates the creation of such places. 
3. City inhabitants have the duty and the responsibility to respect everyone else’s religion, beliefs and opinions.
Suggested plan of action
a) Support religious organizations in creating new places of worship and withdrawal of any obstacles through city planning to that end;
b) Facilitate the distribution and exchange of information in view of the various faiths and beliefs of its inhabitants, without discrimination;
c) Encourage initiatives in favor of greater tolerance and mutual understanding, among religions, beliefs and opinions;
d) Facilitate the creation, development and accessibility of new free and pluralist sources of information, as well as the training of journalists and the organization of public