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Right to accessible public services

1. All city inhabitants have the right to a socially and economically inclusive city and, to this end, to access to nearby basic social services in acceptable technical and financial conditions.

2. The city creates, or promotes the creation of, quality and non-discriminatory public services that guarantee the following minimum to all its inhabitants: training, access to health, housing, energy, water, sanitation and sufficient food, under the terms outlined in this Charter-Agenda.
Particularly, in countries with rapid urban growth, the cities take urgent measures to improve the quality of life and opportunities of its inhabitants, especially those of lesser means as well as people with disabilities.
The city is concerned with the protection of the rights of the elderly and encourages solidarity among generations. 
The city takes the necessary measures to ensure a fair distribution of public services over its entire territory, in a decentralized manner. 
3. City inhabitants use social services responsibly. 
Suggested Action Plan 
a) Establishment of a social participation system in the design and monitoring of services delivery, especially with respect to quality, fee setting and front office operations. The participation system should focus in particular on the poorest neighborhoods and the most vulnerable groups in the city;
b) Immediate abolition, where existing, of the legal, administrative and procedural requirements that bind the provision of basic public services to the legal status of city inhabitants;
c) Review of local procedures and regulatory provisions, to provide low income people with greater access to basic services;
d) Establish an equitable system of local taxes and fees that takes into account the people’s incomes and their use of public services. Provide information to users on the cost of public services and the source of the funds paying for them;
e) Careful monitoring of the needs of transients and other nomadic populations in the area of basic public services. 
a) Establish efficient measures to make sure that private sector players who manage social or public interest services respect the rights guaranteed under this Charter- Agenda fully, and without discrimination. Contracts and concessions of the city shall clearly set forth its commitment to human rights;
b) Adoption of measures to ensure that public services report to the level of government closest to the population, with the participation of city inhabitants in their management and supervision;
c) Encourage access to all public services and to city life by elder people