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International Seminars of Local Governments for the Right to the City

UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights  supports Local Governments willing to organize International Seminars for the Right to the City. To this end, the Committee proposes Call for candidacies to host an “International Seminar of Local Governments for the Right to the City".

The Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City is a reference tool for cities to improve human rights’  fulfillment, protection and promotion at local level. International meetings are important moments to go further in their implementation in cities and to consolidate cities’ global movement for the right to the city.

These seminars are also  great occasions to exchange local governments’ advances on the development of public policies to promote and effectively implement the Right to the City. They also constitute strong moments to make visible Local Governments’ action in favor of rights, as well as to consolidate local dialogue with citizens.

The first International Seminar of Local Governments for the Right to the City took place in Saint-Denis (France) in 2012. A second one was held in the City of Mexico in 2015. Both of them gathered cities’ representatives from all over the world, in order to:

  • Share innovative practices concerning social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights
  • Engage them in a dialogue with civil society and experts that work to legitimize the Right to the Cityin a mostly  urban world
  • Articulate and strengthen the global movement for the Right to the City
  • Structure political advocacy actions for the inclusion of the Right to the City’s in the New Global Urban Agenda (Habitat III Summit, Quito 2016), in order to bring light to Local Governments’ role in achieving more inclusive, democratic, sustainable and fairer cities.