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Urban Agriculture Policy

Villa Maria del Triunfo


The Urban Agriculture Policy of the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo officially began with the adoption of the Framework Ordinance recognizing urban agriculture as a legal activity in the city (Council Resolution No. 021-2007/MVMT). That same year, a planning instrument for the policy called the Strategic Plan (SP) for Urban Agriculture in Villa Maria del Triunfo (2007-2011) was produced on a participatory basis.

The Villa Maria del Triunfo Urban Agriculture Forum and the Urban Farmers Network participated in the design, development, implementation and participatory management of the policy. The aim of the urban agriculture policy is for urban agriculture to be recognized as a permanent and legitimate activity in the city of Villa Maria del Triunfo, strengthening food security, income generation, environmental and urban improvement and equality between men and women. Today, there are over 2850 urban farmers in the city (self-registered in 2007).

The main results and impacts generated during the formulation and implementation of the urban agriculture policy are: 1) documented information on urban agriculture in the city of Villa María del Triunfo, 2) the creation of favourable legal frameworks for the promotion and development of urban agriculture in the city and 3) the institutionalization of the policy in the city.