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A social inclusion policy

Palestinian Territories


The Children's Municipal Council of Jericho (Palestine) has actively taken charge of addressing problems that negatively affect the empowerment of youth in local communities.

Through establishing a leadership group consisting of children, the Municipal Council aimed to raise awareness among children on behavioural aberrances such as smoking, violence, and drugs.


Objectives were set to address complaints about drug abuse among youth and the community. Parents asked for an awareness campaign about the negative impact of drugs on younger generations.

The leadership group aimed to ignite youthís inner sense of responsibility towards themselves and others by enhancing their awareness of the importance of avoiding at-risk behaviours that manifest themselves through violence, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

They also aimed to increase awareness of the impacts of social problems and behavioural aberrances among the members of the Children's Municipality Council.


In the process, the youth gained new skills and experience in solving problems confronting their generation.

Overall, the Jericho Municipality framework plan works to enhance society by investing in youth because this population is considered a cornerstone to building healthy and developed communities.