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Pulse of the Committee

The Pulse gathers points of view and describes initiatives carried out by local governments on subjects relevant to the work of our Committee. It aims at raising awareness on initiatives carried out by members and to foster debate and city-to-city exchange.

Peace, Human Rights and the Right to the City | Palestinian cities

Coinciding with the 70 anniversary of the “Nakba”, we give voice to Palestinian member-cities to know more about the situation of Human Rights and the Right to the City in a land in conflict.

"Although our city spreads peace and justice to the whole world, Bethlehem does not live in peace due to the arbitrary measures of Occupation: walled with discrimination, continuous land confiscation and multiple checkpoints along the way, our daily life is drastically affected"

Mayor Salman, Bethlehem (Palestine)

Right to Housing | Plaine Commune

A working-class, metropolitan territory in Northern France promotes the Right to Housing through strategies based on social housing and urban renewal, as well as a strong regulation over real estate market

"Urban growth and "metropolization" are global processes that can lead to increasing attractiveness and welfare, but also lead to inequalities and social exclusion if regulation and compensation mechanisms are not in place. An inclusive city would be unreachable without public intervention"

Vice-President David Proult, Plaine Commune (France) 

Migration and Diversity | Mechelen

The city of Mechelen shows to the world how local authorities are at the fore front of social inclusion when it comes to migration and diversity; their role is key to ensure that no one is left behind.

“Our city is formed by up to 138 different nationalities, and yet we believe each one of them can feel they belong to the same community. We want to show this reality to the world, especially in a time of populism. We believe there is a need for positive examples. As a small city, we can give hope in a troubled time, showing how living together can be a successful and positive reality

Mayor Bart Sommers, Mechelen (Belgium)

Human Rights and Migration | Nador

Origin and meeting point between migratory routes and migrants' final destination, the Moroccan city of Nador tries to provide basic services, dignified access to public space and opportunities for all.

“Migration is a global phenomenon. In globalization, everyone goes everywhere, people meet. When we go to an international forum, we meet cities that lived the same situation that us and successfully managed to more or less integrate migrants and to make known the richness of diversity”

Vice-President of the Municipal Council Amina El Oualid, Nador (Morocco)

Human Rights Cities | Seoul

Throughout half a decade, Seoul has endeavored a city-wide initiative to mainstream human rights in public administration in parallel to non-discrimination and citizen participation; how did it do it? 

“The Human Rights Action Plan of the Metropolitan Government of Seoul focuses on five main objectives: the improvement of human rights’ guaranteeing for minorities, the relationship between Human Rights and urban habitat (housing), the dissemination of human rights culture and values, the establishment of a system of protection and mainstreaming and a deepened cooperation with civil society