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Knowledge Hub

Local governments and researchers can work together in order to produce knowledge on innovative, local policies on human rights and the right to the city. In order to foster that link, our Committee collaborates with researchers, opening spaces where to present their findings to the network. Local initiatives carried out by our members have also inspired reports and study cases.

Our Committee counts with a bank of study cases on social inclusion policies at the local level: the Inclusive Cities Observatory. Through more than 70 study cases, the Observatory provides compelling stories on how can municipalities and civil society work together in order to foster social inclusion. The Rights-based approach is considered by most of the study cases as a framework form where to advance social justice.  

Thanks to the amount of local experiences and initiatives at hand, our Committee has also published some reports. These documents have been developed in cooperation with renowned scholars and academic centers. They reflect on the findings and achievements of both our networks as well as our direct member-local governments. Some members take advantage of these reports to foster debate and provide inputs to the network’s debates.

Finally, this Knowledge Hub also provides access to the latest interviews to members of our network. In the Pulse of the Committee, local leaders and elected representatives from cities and territories across the world share their initiatives and points of view on subjects relevant to the work of our Committee. The Pulse is meant to raise awareness on local initiatives carried out by members, as well as to foster city-to-city exchange.