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The Committee presents its Action Plan for 2019: Human Rights, Right to the City and Participatory Democracy

The UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights is pleased to present its 2019 Action Plan. This document provides a comprehensive framework aimed at articulating the strategy and initiatives of member-local government throughout 2019, marked by the UCLG World Congress (Durban - eThekwini, 18-22 November) and the 9th edition of the World Human Rights Cities Forum (Gwangju, 2-5 October).

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[ See the 2019 Action Plan of the Committee ]

This Action Plan is built upon the outcomes of various events held throughout 2018, and has been discussed by members during meetings held during Madrid’s 2018 World Council and the 2019 UCLG Retreat. It is organized around four interconnected axes:

  • Co-creating the global movement of “Cities for Human Rights”, building upon the progress achieved on the recognition of the right to the city and the human rights-based approach at the local level. This axis aims to provide interested local governments and partners with a comprehensive framework for networking, to support their initiatives and the implementation of local actions, and to articulate further advocacy campaigns aimed at promoting the recognition local governments’ role in the protection and promotion of human rights;
  • Defending the right to the city as a pillar of spatial justice and local democracy, in order to foster debates on spatial inequalities – in particular, by promoting solidarity-based and inclusive metropolitan areas – and by defending the development of practices of participatory democracy in local agendas;
  • Continuing to federate local government political initiatives on right to housing through the Declaration “Cities for Adequate Housing”, the UCLG Community of Practice on Housing and “The Shift” Campaign;
  • Fostering advocacy processes on the rights-based approach in global migration governance as a way to respect migrants’ fundamental rights, by supporting local governments that commit to develop welcoming social inclusion practices, and monitoring the implementation of the Global Compact on Migration.

The Action Plan gives a great deal of importance to raising awareness on local governments-led initiatives and to enable knowledge exchange between them. Through this, it aims at co-creating a policy agenda for the global movement of local governments for human rights, the right to the city and participatory democracy.

The Committee intends to support local authorities wishing to draw inspiration from or connect with international, local experiences; be it other practices led by local authorities or through the mobilization of experts, civil society organizations, academia or international organizations.

Here you will find more details on the provisional calendar of Committee-related activities. If you intend to organize an event related to the Action Plan, please inform the Secretariat ( so that it can be included in the calendar and the Committee can provide its support if applicable. You can also join the Committee as member or subscribe to its newsletter in order to keep track of its latest news, events and updates.