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2012-2015 Barcelona City Plan for Social Inclusion

The presentation of the 2012-2015 Plan for Social Inclusion to civil society and to all the institutions involved in the Citizens' Agreement for an Inclusive Barcelona took place on Wednesday 3 April.

The “Salo de Cent” in Barcelona City Hall was the venue for the presentation, which was attended by more than 300 people. Among those present were representatives of all the municipal political groups, as well as a large contingent of representatives of the institutions involved in the Citizen's Agreement.

The speakers at the event, which was chaired by the Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, were the deputy mayor for Quality of Life, Equality and Sports, Maite Fandos, and Àngels Guiteras, as representative of the Governing Council of the Citizen's Agreement, who respectively presented the Plan Social Inclusion and the beginning of the joint strategy.

Four people representing institutions in the Citizen's Agreement presented some of the challenges as regards poverty, social exclusion and nutrition (Merce Darnell), housing (Joan Uribe), employability (Raquel de Haro) and civil rights (Raquel Lopez).

Many of the speakers emphasized the implementation of a joint strategy with institutions in the Citizen's Agreement and the third social sector, as provided for in the fourth strategic line of the Plan for Inclusion. The joint strategy aims to coordinate all the city's public resources, social, voluntary, and private initiatives to deal with the social crisis and to provide more effective responses to the social needs of Barcelona.

Source: Barcelona city council