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How to guarantee the Right to the City in Metropolitan Areas?

Wednesday, 21 June, 2017

Next 21th June, the UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights is organizing the session “How to guarantee the Right to the City in Metropolitan Areas?”, in the framework of the World Congress of Metropolis, which will take place in the city of Montreal between 19 and 22 June.

Concept note

The acceleration of urbanization has given rise to metropolitan areas in which its population has increased more in a few decades than during several centuries - a variety of new territories, urban areas and life space has therefore been created . These metropolitan “opportunities”, however, do not present themselves in the same way for all. Social, spatial and environmental tensions are increasing in many metropolitan areas. Taking into consideration this reality, is the commitment to the “competitive metropolis” model towards meeting “global” competitiveness between metropolitan regions a factor that accentuates the observed trends? How to build, if necessary, counter-tendencies and alternatives? This is one of the challenges that are being posed to all!

This political debate, based on a dialogue between Mayors and other representatives from metropolitan territories, civil society and academia, will question the relationship between the “Right to the City” and the “competitive metropolis” model. How can the implementation of the Right to the City contribute to reducing social and spatial inequalities? How can it guide the formulation of public policies in the areas of social, spatial and environmental justice? How to achieve a generalized consideration and contribution by all metropolitan territories towards the common good in the metropolis? How to value the contribution of every territory, especially the popular and commoner ones, in order to go beyond the notions of “centres” and “periphery” and contribute to polycentric and solidary metropolitan areas? How to foster the cooperation of every local identity that is contributing to metropolitan areas? How to develop a metropolitan democracy that is “decentralized”, horizontal and participatory?
Agnès Deboulet, Paris 8 University, LAVUE (Cnrs) | Author (with C. Butin et J. Demoulin) of the report Metropolitan areas role in the global agenda of local and regional governments for the 21st century, by UCLG
Daniel Martinez, Mayor of Montevideo
Abdoulaye Thimbo, Mayor of Pikine
Dimitri Roussopoulos, President of the Institute of Policy Alternatives of Montreal (IPAM)
Dominique Olivier, Director of the Public Consultation Office of Montreal
Laurence Kwark, Secretary General of the Global Forum of Solidarity Economy, City of Seoul
Teresa Incháustegui, Executive Officer at InMujeres, City of Mexico
Moderator - Patrick Jarry, Mayor of Nanterre, President of UCLG Committee Peripheral Cities
Coordinator of the session - Magali Fricaudet, Coordinator of the UCLG Committee on Social Inclusion, Participatory Democracy and Human Rights

Time: 15:30-17:30

Montreal, Canada