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Conference of the IOPD - International Observatory of Participatory Democracy

Sunday, 25 November, 2018 to Tuesday, 27 November, 2018

Source: IOPD

The proposed organisation of the 2018 Barcelona IOPD Conference and Assembly is intended to be the result of a process of debate and exchange of ideas and practices, based on the cornerstones of citizen initiatives and direct democracyas ways of encouraging inclusive participation. This exchange will continue from now until the conference in November 2018.

We will talk about this on November 26, 27 and 28, 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, at the IOPD annual conference and assembly. It will also be an opportunity to reflect on how cities develop the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) involving citizens in the planning, co-creation and design of city policies.

The conference will be organised into keynote speakers, plenary sessions and workshops in parallel sessions, as well as several network-management and content-display activities. Members of the IOPD and relevant organisations from the municipal, academic and political world will be called on for proposals for holding simultaneous workshops and other activities. The organising committee will select these workshops based on criteria such as diversity, quality and availability of space.

Soon, we will present the modalities of collaboration and participation to the Conference.