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How we work

The Committee consists of

  • Local governments and their associations;
  • Local government networks;
  • Partners (universities and civil society organisations).

Becoming a member of the Committee is free. Accession must be formalized through filling the following questionnaire. The Committee aims to ensure balanced representation, and those members not belonging to UCLG will be encouraged to adhere to the organisation (any given municipality might be an indirect member of UCLG or one of its regional sections through its national local government association).

Committee members compose the plenary body of the network. All members are free to present their initiatives to other members in the framework of annual meetings of the Committee. The implementation of the political directives given by members are a responsibility of the Committee’s bureau, which consists of a Collegiate Presidency. The Committee relies fully on its members financing for sustaining its operations. The Committee will ensure balanced political representation in its bureau. 

Working groups can be created around the Committee's three areas of work (social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights) in order to contribute to the development of each one of these areas, and they will support the bureau in the definition and execution of the working plan. Each working group will be chaired by a bureau member.

The Executive Technical Secretary will be responsible for co-ordinating the implementation of the working plan, fostering the 3 groups and organising and following up Committee meetings.

The working languages of the Committee are Spanish, English and French