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Strategic priorities

After an extensive process of collective reflection that took place at the plenary meetings in Getafe (June 2010) and Mexico City (November 2010), the members of the Committee defined several strategic priorities, which have been reformulated as follows to align them with the UCLG Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016 :

LEADERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE. Leadership, vision and strategy, communication.

  • Promote political participation and shared leadership of the Committee. To that end, the Committee will collaborate with UCLG on the preparatory processes for the various international summits. It will also seek to ensure gender equality in its representative bodies (Presidency and Vice-presidencies) and will organize its working meetings using participatory methodologies.
  • Reinforce the strategy of communication and international visibility. The web platform will be reinforced and equipped with virtual and interactive media for communication/networking. Efforts will also be made to ensure that the Committee participates in international events, especially in Africa and Asia, which can contribute to raising the profile of its work and increasing the number of members.

REPRESENTATION. Recognition, political positioning and promotion of policies.

  • Promote social inclusion policies. Disseminate the political document for a world of inclusive cities, adopted by the UCLG World Council in 2008 on the initiative of the Committee.
  • Promote human rights policies through the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City (adopted by the UCLG World Council in 2011 on the initiative of the Committee) and the European Charter for the Safeguarding of Human Rights in the City (adopted in Saint-Denis in 2000).
  • Increase the Committee's contacts with United Nations agencies and with other international organisations in the areas of local policies for social inclusion, participation and human rights.

INTELLIGENCE. Compilation, analysis and socialization of knowledge and information.

  • Consolidate the Inclusive Cities Observatory as a space for analysis and reflection on local social inclusion policies that contribute to providing inspiration for other cities when designing and implementing its social inclusion policies.
  • Establish mechanisms for cooperation with leading research centres in the field of local policies for social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights.

COOPERATION.Development of concepts, strengthening of capacities of local governments and mobilization of resources.

  • Examine the possibility of implementing cooperation initiatives, for the direct transfer of experiences relating to the design and implementation of policies for social inclusion, participatory democracy and human rights. The Committee will thereby make the transition from promoting policies to building them on the ground, thanks to the multinodal transfer of experiences and practices and North-South and South-South cooperation.
  • Seek the financing sources necessary to undertake projects of this nature, which will be carried out by means of city-city relationships and/or between groups of cities.

ORGANIZATION. Relations with the UCLG's members, regional committees and sections, networks of cities and other international partners.

  • Consolidate dialogue with other UCLG regional committees and sections. Invite them to participate in the development of the Committee's initiatives and at the same time, be at their disposal to cooperate in the activities they promote.
  • Contribute to the development of the UCLG Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016. Analyse which initiatives and activities arising from the Strategic Plan 2010 – 2016 the Committee can cooperate with.

Consolidate links with other networks of cities. Continue the normal line of cooperation with the FAL, FALP and IOPD. Start a close relationship with Brazilian the Participative Budget Network, with other Participatory Budgeting networks in the region and with Mercociudades. Explore ways of cooperation with existing networks in Africa and Asia.