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UCLG Policy Council on the Right to the City and Inclusive Territories

The Policy Council on the Right to the City is a local government consultation mechanism held in the framework of UCLG. It aims at fostering UCLG policy debates and agendas on issues such as gender equality, housing, migration, participatory democracy and social and economic rights, as well as regarding human rights.

The topics of interest of this Policy Council and our Committee are closely connected. This is why our Committee works together with the World Secretariat of UCLG to identify, advance and value key messages of the Council. As meeting point of local governments’ for human rights and the right to the city in UCLG, many of our members also take part in the Council with a view to connect agendas and strategies.

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What is a "UCLG Policy Council" mechanism?

The Policy Councils were devised to develop the 2017 – 2019 priorities and action plan of UCLG on the basis of members participation. They gather local governments representatives in a roundtable format. They are aimed at identifying what are members’ priorities, as well as to foster policy ownership and networking. They are to be held on a regular basis (usually during statutory meetings of UCLG, such as the World Council or the Executive Bureau) and to develop policy recommendations.

At present, there is up to four Policy Councils: