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Global Platform for the Right to the City

The Global Platform for the Right to the City (GPR2C) is an international network of civil society organizations. It was created in Sao Paulo back in 2014, with the aim to promote the right to the city at the local and international levels, and to define a new, more inclusive and democratic paradigm of urban development.

The Platform facilitates dialogue, cooperation and coordination between its members. It does so through political advocacy strategies, research and training, and communication and raise-awareness campaigns, aimed at advancing both the understanding as well as the recognition of the right to the city and its implementation. 

Our Committee is a founding member of the GPR2C. It is an active member of its advocacy and communication groups. The Committee also sees the Platform as a strategic partner for strenghtening cooperation between member-local governments and civil society.

“The Right to the City is the right of all inhabitants (present and future; permanent and temporary) to use, occupy, produce, govern and enjoy just, inclusive, safe and sustainable cities, villages and settlements defined as common goods”

Global Platform for the Right to the City (2016)