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International meetings and forums of human rights cities

Our Committee organizes meetings of local governments for human rights after the initiative of a given city or a group of them. These events gather an international audience, and allow to exchange practices, knowledge and points of view on how can local governments promote and protect human rights. They also offer a good opportunity to foster alliances at a global level, in connection to Committee members' advocacy efforts on the topic.

Thanks to past meetings, local government representatives and policymakers have been able to raise international attention on their own local actions on human rights, and to connect with other similar experiences that helped them enhance their policy outcomes.

These events can also help kick-off a local process to become a “human rights city”, bringing together the concrete challenges and aspirations of a given city with the experience and lessons learnt by other ones.

Given the participatory nature behind any “human rights city” process, these seminars tend to associate civil society, grassroots movements and researchers as a way to enrich the outcome of the debates.

Our Committee co-organizes each year a World Human Rights Cities Forum after the initiative of our co-chair city of Gwangju and the Gwangju International Centre. This Forum has consolidated as a paramount meeting point for the global human rights cities movement. 

See latest meetings of local governments for human rights:

If you are a local government representative interested in organizing a meeting of local governments for human rights, do not hesitate to get in touch with us