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International meetings and forums of Human Rights Cities

Since its origins back in 2005, one of the main goals of our Committee has been to facilitate spaces of debate for worldwide local authorities. We have established dialogues, seminars and meetings where cities have been able exchange points of view and policies driving forward human rights and the right to the city.

Thanks to these meetings, local representatives and policymakers have been able to drive international attention to their own local actions. Together, they have also been able to establish further conversations with like-minded local authorities in order to defend a collective agenda: the cornerstone of an international, solidarity-based municipalism.

Each of our seminars tends to associate civil society representatives, grassroots movements and researchers as a way to enrich the outcome of the debates as well as to realize “co-created cities and territories”.

World Human Rights Cities Forum is held annually in Gwangju after the initiative of its Metropolitan Government and the support of the Gwangju International Centre and our Committee. Throughout time, it has consolidated as a paramount meeting point for the human rights cities movement. 

If you are a local government representative interested in organizing a meeting of cities for human rights and the right to the city, do not hesitate to get in touch with us