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Human rights monitoring programme

Our Committee has facilitated, on one occasion, the establishment of a Human Rights Monitoring programme through the perspective offered by the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City. To do so, our Executive Secretariat has coordinated an international group of human rights experts. When implemented, this programme can allow member-local governments to assess the situation of human rights at their city level from a participatory perspective.

Beyond the city's own reasonings, the goals behind the implementation of this monitoring programme can be some of the ones that follow:

  • Making a concrete diagnose of human rights’ situation in a given territory taking the Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City as reference;
  • Assessing policies implemented to improve human rights’ guarantee and their direct impact on city’s population, by comparing them to a different territory o to the previous situation;
  • Facilitating the design, implementation and evaluation of innovative actions in areas especially related to social inclusion, through the collaboration among public and private actors and civil society;
  • Promoting a human rights culture at local level – engaging both citizens and administration – as well as at an international level, by spreading the rights approach to public action and its concrete policies;
  • Positioning the territory in which the monitoring is implemented as an international reference, by reflecting the value of its local policies in creating an inclusive, fair and democratic city;

When implementing the monitoring programme, the Global Charter-Agenda (2011) is considered as one of its guiding principles, understood booth as a conceptual framework and an action-agenda for promoting and monitoring the situation of human rights in the city. The Charter was drafted by a group of local governments, civil society and human rights experts under the coordination of our Committee. It was adopted by the World Council of UCLG, thus highlighting its international legitimacy.

"All city inhabitants have the right to a city constituted as a local political community that ensures adequate living conditions for all the people, and provides good coexistence among all its inhabitants, and between them and the local authority (...)  All city inhabitants have the right to participate in the configuration and coordination of territory as a basic space and foundation for peaceful life and coexistence"

Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City 

The Charter-Agenda has a specific added value, which is that all human rights in the document are linked to an action plan for implementation. The Charter also foresees that signatory cities may settle a local agenda with indicators to monitor implementation.

The Human Rights Monitoring Programme is open to all local governments who are members of UCLG. Get in touch with the Executive Secretariat of our Committee to know more about it.