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Migration City-to-City in the Mediterranean (MC2CM)

The Mediterranean City-to-City Migration Project (MC2CM) offers local governments in the greater Mediterranean region with the opportunity to take part in peer to peer learning events focused on improving migration governance at the local level. The MC2CM community also gathers a wide collection of experts, civil society and other relevant stakeholders. It is implemented as a project by ICMPD and UCLG and UN-Habitat as partner organizations.

The MC2CM learning strategy is focused on promoting dialogue through peer-to-peer events on specific themes that are central for local policies on migration. These events aim at fostering knowledge exchange and trigger the adoption of new city actions and projects. Through this, the project seeks to promote a rights-based governance of migration, and to shift negative approaches by fighting discrimination and drawing on migrants’ potential to benefit city life.

Our Committee takes an active role in the MC2CM project by mobilizing local governments and other relevant stakeholders in the region, as well as in fostering the link between the project and specific thematic areas of our expertise, such as housing, diversity and non-discrimination or social inclusion. The participation of the Committee also aims at promoting key messages on human rights and the right to the city.

You can know find several outputs of our Committee previous participation in this project in the following links:

In order to keep track of the latest MC2CM events or take part in one of them, we invite you to contact our Secretariat