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Advocacy campaign "Cities for Migration"

Through the organization of debates between local governments and civil society, our Committee defends a renewed approach to the governance of migration that is based on combating discrimination, fostering social cohesion and upholding human rights universality. In the last years, the Committee has taken part in UCLG's advocacy strategy in the Global Compact on Migration (Wave of Action #Cities4Migration) to defend the human rights-based approach and the role of local governments as social cohesion builders.

In addressing migration governance, UCLG has aimed at deepening its policy agenda on the right to the city and human rights, by focusing on concrete thematic areas such as migrants' access to basic services or to participatory democracy. Local governments in this framework have recalled the importance of shifting mainstream narratives, highlighting the inherent opportunities and benefits of migration while fighting racism. Furthermore, local governments have demanded enhanced multi-level coordination and strengthened capacities and resources.

Our Committee contributes to UCLG’s policy agenda on migration by bringing together local authorities that are committed to the concept of “inclusive cities”, to uphold the principles of equality and non-discrimination in local policy-making, and to defend the human rights-based approach. Interested local governments will find a space to promote key messages alongside other cities and territories.

In recent years, the Committee and its member local governments have organized a wide variety of meetings and events on this topic:

In order to take part in the Committee's strategy on the topic of migrations, we invite you to contact our Secretariat